Horizon is the line that integrates and unites heaven and earth, and that is what we always want to be, a point of union and integration for all.


We are a Non-For-Profit organization, Charity and NDIS Provider, based in Australia, founded in 1994 in Colombia.

We are agents of change, we understand the importance of creating a better world and are willing and compromise to work every day to make it happen.


Community development towards habits and skills for peaceful coexistence, respect for life, and protection of the environment.

2020 -2021 Aspirations: Horizontes will bring to Australia 25 years of passion and experience on successful projects already made in Latin America. We will adapt successful Latin American methodologies in sustainable process for Australia. Contribute to social, environmental, economic and community development through high impact programs in Australia.

Vision 2025

To be a leading organization pro collective projects and methodologies, that contribute to community processes, strengthen environmental responsibility and create a culture of peace

After 25 years of extensive work and recognition for our approach, methodologies and results, we decided to open operations in Australia, since part of the leadership and advisory team reside here and we see great opportunities to contribute to the community in this country.

Values and Principles







Collective Construction