Horizontes PWC is an agent for change that motivates and guide communities to create a better world.

We create and implement effective programs, which promote the integration of community groups and the care of people as well as the environment.

Horizontes’ projects create social and environmental change through community awareness. Also, researches to understand behaviours and beliefs in community groups and individuals.

Caring for Others

Horizontes PWC is a registered NDIS provider that supports the Australian Community through services such as: Our professionals work with such passion and integrity that reflect the values and standards of the NDIS and our philosophy. What is NDIS?

Protection of the environment

Horizontes PWC develops and runs projects that identify and solve gaps and in the circular economy framework, with specialized expertise in the management of solid waste.

Community Integration

Horizons PWC develops and executes projects that integrate vulnerable migrants and local residents to adapt to Australian culture and enjoy the benefits of multicultural together.