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Develop habits and competencies for peaceful coexistence, respect for life and the protection of the environment in the communities.

Vision to 2025:

To be a leading organization in the management of collective projects and the construction of methodologies that contribute to citizenship processes, strengthen environmental responsibility and create a culture of peace.

After 25 years of extensive work and recognition for our approach, methodologies and results, we decided to open operations in Australia, since part of the leadership and advisory team reside here and we see great opportunities to contribute to the community in this country.

Virtual course CREA, Frontiers in frontier zones

Thanks to the success of the first stage, the Colombian Chancellery and Tetra Pak made the decision to implement the course CREA in three educative institutions in frontier zones.

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premioGreen Latin-America 2015 Award

Sierra Viva received the highest award from Green Latin-America 2015 in Guayaquil the past 25th of September, in the residue category. The awarded were selected from more than a thousand cases in Latin America from corporations as well as companies, institutions and individuals who contribute to environmental preservation. 

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